Consider that the quality of one's movement deeply impacts the quality of one's life. Ask yourself if the quality of your movement is supporting the quality of life to which you aspire. If you think there might be room for wider possibilities or improvement, give the Feldenkrais Method® a try!  See our article about the method. Check out this video on YouTube.

Announcing Move With Elan's new Cary location: Long Life Wellness Center on Kildaire Farm Rd. Functional Integration® sessions are available with Karen or Nancy by appointment. Come see our new location!

Move With Elan's available classes of Awareness Through Movement® can be enjoyed by anyone with curiosity about learning how one does what they do makes a difference in exactly what one does. Our brain and nervous system provide us incredible power to retrain ourselves for improvement in virtually any human endeavor. Using intelligently devised and highly specific movement sequence "puzzles", Awareness Through Movement classes concentrate on the relationship between movement and thought and the highly desirable synergy between increased mental awareness and enhanced physical skills. Participants report feeling healthier, more adaptable, and more ready to participate as fully in life as possible.

Please check out our full schedule for dates and topics. Here, in brief, are our available classes for the general public at this time:

For Those Who Want To:

Contact us:

(919) 967-8013
Karen Dold
Nancy Agnew
1203 Tallyho Trail
Chapel Hill, NC

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